This is how to choose a yoga mat to make beginners feel comfortable

Choosing the right yoga mat according to the characteristics of the beginner’s yoga is very scary to me, as it is to everyone!

So many beginners want to buy thicker yoga mats, but then the instructor tells us that thicker ones do not ensure the balance of the asanas, not thicker ones, but they are afraid of joint injuries and are always worried about accidentally stabbing a painful nerve in the next second.

Based on these characteristics, the first requirement for a yoga mat for beginners is that it is thicker and does not affect the balance of the asana!

1. 8mm and 10mm mats are 2-4mm thicker than the 6mm mats and are more effective in protecting the joints and spine.

2. When practising, you will find that mats thicker than 6mm tend to unbalance the asanas, at this point, there is hardly any mat that can do both, only IKU is an exception, he specialises in mats for ten years and has studied the characteristics of different sports in depth and designed the damping factor to match the structural principle of balance in tall buildings, even if the mat is thicker it can be as smooth as a tall building.

With the above two first conditions, beginners suitable yoga mat and what other important conditions?

3. Non-slip. Many people think that wet and dry mats are the best, but I don’t think they are suitable for everyone and for all stages of practice. Here again, I have to recommend IKU’s anti-slip concept, which is designed specifically for beginners according to their sporting characteristics, making it easier for them to control their weight and maintain the fluidity of their asanas and practice safely.

4. The alignment guide lines, as beginners are not able to practice correct asanas well and correct the wrong ones in time, so with the alignment lines, beginners can have a reference guide.

5. The 80cm wide mat is 19cm wider than the standard width, so you can practice general yoga asanas without going beyond the mat surface, which protects your joints and does not touch the dirty floor.

6. Environmental protection and health, if it is made of TPE, one piece of molding is more environmentally friendly than the double layer, because it does not contain glue at least.

Post time: Nov-10-2022